Relay / Individual / Team 

Pineview to Bear Lake


  • How do I register?

    • You can register by clicking the "Register Now" button at the top of this page or by going to and searching for Interlaken 100.

  • How much is registration?

    • Early Registration - (>30 Days Prior) $75 

    • Not That Late Registration - (<30 Days Prior) $85

    • Procrastination Registration - (Day Of Event) $95

    • Moral of this story.... Don't Procrastinate.

  • How do I register as a team/relay?

    • During the registration process you will be given the opportunity to create or join a team. If you are the first member of the team you will need to create a team name. If you are not the first member of the team you will need to know the name of the team which you want to join.

  • How many people can be on a team/relay?

    • We are not very strict on how teams are formed have fun with it and enjoy your ride with your friends.

  • How many people can form a relay team?

    • We are not very strict on how relay teams are formed. However, there are 6 different legs during the ride, so relay teams of 2, 3 or 6 work out well. Take a look at the course map on our website or on to get detailed information on each leg. 

  • Can I transfer my registration?

    • Yes. You may transfer your registration up to 30 days prior to the event. A five dollar ($5) transfer fee will be imposed at the time of transfer.

  • What if I forgot to purchase something during registration?

    • You are able to purchase items such as Return Transportation and Jerseys. Simply access your Active account, add desired purchases to your registration and check out at the register.


  • Can I cheer for my rider along the course?

    • Yes. Due to the limited parking and narrow roads along the course, we strongly encourage all spectators to cheer for their riders at the designated rest stops. Please see the course map and the race guide for specific locations of each rest stop.

  • ​Will the course be marked?

    • Yes. The course will be marked with Interlaken 100 signs and arrows. Once you turn on to SR 39 the signs will be fewer and further between. Also, we strongly encourage you to review the course prior to the ride and tell any spectators or family members who may be following you. A turn by turn cue sheet can be found on STRAVA or MapMyRide. Links to either map can be found on the Course Map.

  • How are the roads on the course?

    • The roads are well maintained and there is a soft shoulder. The course is on open roads and potential hazards will always be present. Please pay particular attention to the back side of Monte Cristo, where there are three cattle guards that cross the road. The 1st (just after mile 44 of the ride) is painted on the road and poses no threat to riders. The 2nd (just after mile 52 of the ride) and 3rd (just after mile 54 of the ride) are metal grates and may need to be crossed with caution.

Rest Stops / Aid Stations / Relay Exchanges

  • Where do relay teams make their exchanges?
    • All exchanges will be conducted at the rest stop. Please see the Course Map or the Race Guide for specific locations of each rest stop.
  • Do you have a breakfast?
    • We will offer the following at the start line:
      • Great Harvest Fruit Squares
      • Oranges
      • Bananas
      • Water
      • Powerade
  • Where are the rest stops?
    • The rest stops are located at the following locations:
      • Rest Stop 1 - Red Cliff Cafe (Mile 20)
      • Rest Stop 2 - Monte Cristo Snowmobile Parking Lot (Mile 29)
      • Rest Stop 3 - Monte Cristo Summit (Mile 41.7)
      • Rest Stop 4 - Randolph City Park (Lunch) (Mile 70)
      • Rest Stop 5 - Break Check (Mile 85)
  • What will you have at each rest stop?
    • Each year may be slightly different however you can expect something like:
      • Bottled Water
      • Powerade
      • Bananas
      • Oranges
      • Swedish Fish
      • Nut Rolls
      • Assorted Candy/Snacks
  • What do we get for lunch?
    • Each rider will receive a 6in sandwich and a bag of chips. We will also offer the same items which are available at each rest stop. (see items above)

Prizes / Extras

  • What does the winner get?

    • Interlaken 100 is not a race and we will not be keeping specific times for each rider. We will still have plenty of prizes, goodies,  and SWAG. Any special prizes and/or contests will be explained in the Race Guide or on the day of the event.

  • What is in the participant bag?

    • Each year our sponsors vary. You can plan on free products and samples, a participant t-shirt, and sponsors discounts and offers.

  • Will I get a medal for finishing the ride?

    • We do not have medals, but we have a special gift for participants at the finish line.

  • Will there be a photographer on course?

    • Yes. We will have a photographer on course. We will try to take photos of each rider. The course is very long and we can not be everywhere at once so if you want a selfie on top of the summit or at the finish line you may need to bring your own camera.

    • All photos will be available for free about 7 days after the ride. We will send an email when they are uploaded to the web page.