Relay / Individual / Team 

Pineview to Bear Lake

Enjoy these different ways to ride:

Relay -  New to the sport? 100 miles too much? Ride in a relay of 2-6.

Individual -   Don't ride on a team? No problem. Signup as an individual.

Team - Have a group of co-dependent friends? Sign up as a team.

A few years ago while training for LOTOJA(TM) I was looking for a good training ride which was close to home and would prepare me for the difficulties of the upcoming ride.  I started training using this course. During other training rides with my wife we would often speak with other riders and discuss which training rides we had done. In every instance when we told them about our LOTOJA(TM) training ride everyone wanted to know when and where they could sign up. We would have to tell them that it was not a race and only a route which we had made for training. After a year or two, and many more requests from our fellow riders encouraging us to make this race, we decided that the time was right to create the race and Interlaken 100 was born. We hope that you will join us on this our inaugural year. Whether you are training for another race or if this is your first we hope you will enjoy this scenic yet challenging course.

Our Story